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Gray Collection offers understated luxury to the world’s travelers; to the stylish and fun, to business people and couples, families and digital nomads.

Welcome to a new era!

Each of our hotels, spa and restaurants is a unique and original celebration of its neighbourhood and its city, and is connected to our other establishments by a shared philosophy of passion, generosity, excellence and maximum service.

Discover a unique collection of local & authentic hotels. Whether you are a tourist or a local, here for business or leisure, we cater to the stylish, to the urban, to couples, to families, to digital nomads. Gray hotels will make sure you enjoy unparalleled hospitality and comfort, in a chic but charming design. In addition to a warm welcome and impeccable service, our hotels also offer some of the best local bars, restaurants and terraces in town.

Creative and lively, Gray Collection offers several unique gourmet locations. With their neighborhood and architecture in the spotlight, the restaurants and bars stand out for their warmth, originality and their relaxed atmosphere. Local destinations, the restaurants and terraces offer delicious menus, sophisticated wine and cocktail lists, eclectic decor, but above all, passionate and warm staff.

If you're looking to rest, refresh and take the time to pamper yourself, look no further! The wide range of treatments available offer total immersion in a peaceful atmosphere that helps you escape the noise and fury of everyday life. A visit to the spa is a great way to disconnect for a few hours, or a full day.