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Welcome. To a family, a place of respect and loyalty, a community of people who have come together to inspire and serve, to share, and to give of themselves, all the while being supported and nurtured by colleagues who value you and your sense of self.

When we welcome our guests, we do more than sell rooms, meals, and spa experiences. We provide passion because we serve with passion. We provide style because we build inspiringly stylish spaces. We provide, above all else, a unique set of experiences. The experiences we provide come from a belief in something beyond hospitality. They come from generosity, care and joy.

A Family History

We are proud of the success and reputation we have built up over the last 45 plus years. The Antonopoulos Group was founded by two brothers, newly arrived from Greece, who were brought up with the philosophy of taking care of others, a deeply Greek philosophy called philoxenia. Literally meaning “love of strangers”, philoxenia is about generosity, giving, caring, and a deep desire to please. It is an idea that drives us to this day.

With that philosophy in their hearts, the brothers and their families built a collection of hotels, restaurants and spas. Today, with the business set to expand, the decision was made to create two companies out of the Antonopoulos Group, both comprised of hotels, restaurants and spas, so that they could continue to grow, but each according to their own unique needs and goals.

Our properties

A Gray Collection property is a celebration of our community, and of our commitment to offering our guests the most generous and joyful kind of service.

Comprised of Hotel William Gray, Le Petit Hôtel, Auberge du Vieux-Port, Maggie Oakes, Terrasse William Gray, Perché, Spa William Gray, Taverne Gaspar, Pincette, Terrasse sur l’Auberge, BEVO Bar + Pizzeria, Jacopo and Vieux-Port Steakhouse, as well as the just-announced newly renovated & historic Hotel Metcalfe and its new restaurant Cocotte Bistro in Ottawa, Gray Collection offers understated luxury to the world’s travellers, to the stylish and fun, to businesspeople and couples, families and digital nomads.

200-425 St-Jean-Baptiste Street
Montreal, Quebec
H2Y 2Z7 Canada